Meet Tulshi Sen, Author of Ancient Secrets of Success

Tulshi Sen teaches this system through stories and metaphors so the mind absorbs and retains every lesson with ease. “A picture is worth a thousand words but a story is worth a thousand pictures.”

Being an active business person himself he understood the need for spirituality in the corporate world and in individual lives.

He also knows that in today’s world, spirituality in the work place is a prerequisite to bringing meaning back to life and work.

Tulshi Sen is a luminary in the field of human potential. He has spent over thirty years practicing and teaching how to control the law of Attraction by controlling thought.

He says, “The Law of attraction can build you and also it can destroy you. The Law of Attraction is just like any other law, it is no respecter of the individual. You attract what you think all day long. You can think and grow rich and on the same principles you can think and grow poor.

The real secret of power is not knowing the law of attraction, it is to know how to control the law of attraction by controlling your thoughts. To know how to think the thoughts you want to think and not the thoughts you don’t want to think. How often do we helplessly drown ourselves in thoughts of worry and anxiety and we can’t stop thinking about it. The real secret of success is to develop our inner power to control our thoughts.”

His teachings have withstood the test of time and the scrutiny of the world. He teaches the success system of the Ancients for today’s world.

Educated in the field of Law and Commerce, he has built businesses on a global scale, and then found his calling in developing the individual for success.

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